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Bekah and Lan are young professionals, at the beginnings of their careers, but have fallen foul of the Consortium, the huge mining and industrial conglomeration with its stranglehold on the colonies.  Into their lives comes the enigmatic Zandra, with a secret so well hidden not even she knows of it, but which will change all of their lives. But an invitation from Captain Pendryl, to join him aboard the Caladrius, may provide the solution they are all searching for.

Crewed almost entirely by the Gifted, the Caladrius will be the flagship of a taskforce protecting telepaths and telekinetics in the colonies.  But the mission is not without danger … too many of the colonies have become isolationist and regressive, and see the Gift as witchcraft.

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Dr Bekah's arrival on Mining Platform 12 was a rather rude awakening. She'd known the orbital ore processing plants were dangerous places – the hazard pay alone would clear her student debt in record time – but she hadn't been expecting such a hostile environment. Or to be carrying out so many postmortems.

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