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About the author

Rachel Harrison is a music teacher, living and working in her home county of Berkshire, in southeast England.

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When successive UK lockdowns in 2020 meant she couldn’t see her friends, she invented new ones — and thus Mosaic came to be.

What began as a lockdown project is now a fully-fledged novel, published in September 2023.  Mosaic is the first of The Caladrius Chronicles, with prequels and sequels to follow.

Rachel has always had a strong interest in science fiction and fantasy, so it was probably inevitable that her first foray into writing would take her in this direction.


She also admits a serious addiction to cosy murder mysteries — is there a support group available? Preferably one run jointly by a strong, independent, yet compassionate, female small business owner, and a long-suffering local Detective / Sheriff / Chief of Police? 

It’s probably no surprise that Rachel is planning her own series of cosy mysteries, set in the glorious Dorset countryside where she spent her childhood holidays (and many since).

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