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26th August 2023

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Quite astonishingly, I'm on the final countdown! The launch weekend, and my first ever author event, the Marlow Indie Book Fair, are only a week away .

Mosaic is on pre-order, and already appearing in online bookstores, with both the paperback and eBook available from 1st September.


Another first this week was my author interview with epic fantasy writer Helen Garaway, author of  The Sentinals series and The Soulmist series, which you can read on her blog: 


So what's next? Another indie book fair, this time in Stroud on 21st October, and I'm hoping to do one (or two) more before Christmas.

Getting Mosaic ready for publication has been a huge learning curve, and at times quite stressful!  But now that it's done, my imagination is flying free again and I have several new projects on the go.

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2nd March 2023

In honour of World Book Day, I thought I'd say a bit about what I've been reading.

At the beginning of the year, I discovered a couple of new (to me) murder mystery series — the Eve Mallow books from Clare Chase, and the Bridget Hart series from writing partnership Margarita and Steve Morris  — and I've been voraciously devouring them ever since!

Eve is an obituary writer, who (with her fairthful dashhund Gus) escapes her old life in London (and interferring ex-husband) to create a new life in the quiet Suffolk village of Saxford St Peter. But right from the start, all is not as she'd expected. Her first subject, a world famous 'cellist, turns out to have been murdered, and Eve finds herself interviewing the same suspects as the police, and becomes embroiled in the investigation.
This is pure escapism for me; the perfect cosy mysteries, blending intrigue, just enough danger, and a strong and believable lead character.

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Bridget Hart is a newly promoted Detective Inspector in Oxford, and Margarita and Steve's detailed knowledge of the city really shines through, making it a character in its own right. The series opens with Bridget being assigned to investigate the murder of a beautiful and wealthy student, in one of Oxford's colleges, She uncovers a tangled web of lies, lust, ambition and corporate greed. The authors skillfully blend the ongoing investigation with fascinating glimpes into the investigation team's private lives.

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21st February 2023

At long last, I have a provisional publication date for Mosaic!  Mid-June, just in time for Indie Author Week UK.

In the meantime, I've been working on the sequel, Tapestry, and have taken a long overdue holiday.

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The novel is currently with my beta readers, and the feedback so far is very encouraging, so I hope they're enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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